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SAP Solutions

Implement SAP in your organization within specified timelines and cost with Infra on Cloud SAP services that includes levels of Implementation, Infrastructure, Migration and Management & Support.

SAP Infrastructure

SAP Migration

SAP Implementation

High Performance Computing

With our High performance cloud instances powered by the most advanced GPUs, delivering supercomputer performance, massive storage and scalable options, boost your AI/ML, BIG Data workloads.

Applications Of High Performance Computing

Deep Learning/AI, ML

Big Data


Scientific Computing

Desktop as a Service

Persistent DaaS

Non-Persistent DaaS

Anti-Money Laundering Solution

Transactional crimes, fraudulent trading activities are taking place across geography and are on the rise. This makes AML compliance even more critical in today’s age. AML solution helps BFSI companies combat various money laundering risks with integrated AML rules/templates for Insurance companies and Banks as well. i-AML solution on Infra on Cloud platform becomes more accessible, scalable, and is compatible with core databases of Indian banks.

Reconciliation & Settlement System

For Financial and Banking institutions, reconciliation with speed and accuracy is the most critical aspect. iReconciliation solution (iRecon) hosted on Infra on Cloud helps financial service providers tackle the challenge of scalability, cost efficiency, volume of transactions, speed and accuracy with an automated and integrated approach.

Virtual GPU Workstations

Now with Infra on Cloud GPU workstations create graphics, movies, 3D architectural designs, AI/ML applications. They are the perfect alternative to the traditional, expensive desktop workstations and provide enhanced performance, power and security with any device access. Simple logins to your secured and remote cloud workstations powered by CITRIX and NVIDIA vGPUs, using any endpoint with an internet connection and get started. It’s fast, it’s simple and available in monthly plans.

Plans for GPU workstations







Backup and Recovery Solution

The need to protect data on endpoints like Desktops and Laptops is more than ever. Hardware failures, accidentally or intentionally deletion of data, theft of devices, human error, malicious attacks can all lead to data loss.Infr on Cloud offer comprehensive backup and recovery solutions for your business needs .

Data Preserve

Long term data archival through digital preservation is a future proof solution powered by Piql provided by Infra On Cloud.

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